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Level III Services


TPH Enterprise can perform all necessary Level III services. We also offer Level I and Level II Training classes in MT, PT, UT and Level I classes in ET to help your business. Our training classes are conducted in three parts.

Part I is classroom training to give the trainee a basic understanding of the Major Principles and Theory of the Method. We thoroughly review all information with your staff to prepare them for the next stage of training.

Part II is taking the information given in the classroom and demonstrating how to use the information at the machines thus giving a practical experience. This hands on section is vital to ensure your staff understands how to properly apply the method.

Part III we will administer a written test to ensure our students fully understand the material. We grade the written test and provide you documentation on the results.


If you are required to create documentation on proper testing procedures TPH Enterprise Level III can handle all of the work for you. Our staff can write MT, PT and UT Procedures on proper testing procedures for any Part. TPH Enterprise can also write Personnel Qualification and Certification Procedures such as ASNT SNT-TC-1A or ANSI/ASNT CP-189.

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