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3rd Party Inspector

If you are required to have a 3rd Party Inspector sign off on your project then TPH ENTERPRISE LLC can seamlessly assist your operation in fulfilling those requirements. Our team is proud to handle all required 3rd Party Inspection Services for welds or components! Our staff has years of experience, thousands of hours both on the job site and training, and we have been trained to perform Weld Inspection...

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Level III Services

TPH Enterprise can perform all necessary Level III services. We also offer Level I and Level II Training classes in MT, PT, UT and Level I classes in ET to help your business. Our training classes are conducted in three parts.

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Calibration Division

TPH Enterprise can certify your Non-Destructive Testing Equipment to NIST Standards.  We Calibrate Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, and some Eddy Current Equipment to NIST Standards and we can repair them if needed...

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Rebuild Division

TPH Enterprise will rebuild your MagnaFlux mag particle machine by removing all subassemblies and parts housed within the major assemblies, inspecting each subassembly or part for accurate and complete operation, and replacing each subassembly or part that does not meet specification...

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We will also put in a timer to prevent the machine from overheating. We will time each shot for an on time of point five seconds with an off time of one second. That way the MagnaFlux mag particle machine will not overheat and the operators cannot cause heat damage.

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